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Welcome to Auckland Racking

We are the largest supplier of used pallet racking & shelving in New Zealand, backed by 35 years of experience in the Industry. At Auckland Racking & Shelving Solutions, we specialise in warehouse racking & shelving layouts, pallet racking & shelving solutions, re-locations and offer an Inspection & Repair Service.

The Company was formed 5 years ago by Arthur Adams & Steve Arnold. In 2004, Arthur and Steve joined forces to create Auckland Racking & Shelving Solutions Ltd, to offer a complete service from visiting customers premises, drawing racking & shelving layouts, supplying new or used racking and shelving and installing or relocating existing warehouse racking.

Steve arrived in New Zealand in 1995 and started working for Victor Industries as a Technical Advisor for the Sales Department, supplying the Sales Engineers with quotes and AutoCAD drawings, tailored to meet the storage requirements of each individual Customers requirement.

Arthur has run many successful businesses over the years, including Adams Building Services (racking & shelving installations), Auckland Racking (new pallet racking), All Shelving Solutions (used pallet racking & shelving).

Peter Smurthwaite joined the Company 3 years ago and managers the installation & repair side of the business. Peter ran the installations at Victor Industries for 20 years and has wide range of experience throughout the industry. Currently we run 4 crews plus a repair team


Selective Racking

Selective Racking systems are best suited for storing a large range, and generally palletised products. This will in most cases get better heights than block stacking and will offer direct access to all pallets. All levels are adjustable, to ensure that  you get the best use of your warehouse, and it will allow for change in pallet sizes.

- Wide range of products stored with direct access
- Easy to allocate each pallet space

- Beams (Horizontal Member)
- Frames (Vertical Member)

Accessory Components:
- Pallet Support Bar (For Odd Sized Pallets)
- Coil Chucks (For Barrels and Coils)


Drive-In Racking

Drive-In, or Drive-Through Racking is best suited for large quantities of the same product. This racking system offers the same advantages as block stacking, without sacrificing height, or exposing your product to damage.

- High Capacity of product storage
- Expanded, and added-on with ease
- Normally used for large quantities of identical products
- Suited for Seasonally oriented warehouses


Other Storage Systems

Please enquire about other specialized racking systems to suit your storage needs.

Such as:
- Extrusion Racking
- Cantilevered Racking
- Satellite Racking